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Kamilari South Crete Modern Design Villa With Garden Swimming Pool

Property code #703 / Kamilari, Kamilari
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Kamilari South Crete Modern Design Villa  With Garden Swimming Pool
Villa For Sale in Kamilari Crete
Ground floor 97,90sq.m.
1st floor 53,44sq.m.
Verandas ~ 50sq.m.
Basement 21,50sq.m + 15,00m2 = 36,20sq.m.
Swimming pool 42m2. + overflow tank 8m2
It is located within the settlement of Kamilarios D. Phaestos on a plot of 340sq.m. It has an open plan lounge-kitchen, 3 bedrooms, office space, 2 bathrooms all with sea view. The flooring of the bedrooms will be fitted with wooden flooring and the rest of the rooms will have 60 * 60 superwhite tile. The ladder and the corridor of the upper floor as well as the aprons of all the frames are made of white marble of Naxos. The window frames of the building are thermally cut, double-glazed and pressed between glazing, resulting in extremely low U (up to 1.6W / m2K).
The insulation of the construction shell thermal insulation exceeds the requirements of the New Thermal Insulation Regulation and waterproofing insulation in addition to the admixed sealing compound inserted into all concrete and concrete elements has become an extra layer of waterproofing in all the terraces and bathrooms of the building. Above the verandas there are 2 pergolas made of concrete, which with the movement of the sun during the day create moving linear shadows on the south walls of the building. In the baths there are wall hanging basins. The upstairs bathroom has a bathtub while the ground floor is fitted with a hanging shower. The building is served by a third-stage biological cleaning system, with the result that no cesspool is needed and that the watering of the garden is also covered.
The heating and cooling of the building is done using top-of-the-range local heat pumps (A / C).
The surrounding space consists of 3 levels:
the level of the pool (cleaning with salt and not chlorine) that overflows to the sea and returns water with a waterfall at its northern end,
the level of the courtyard adjacent to the living room, dominated by an old olive tree around which the house was built (here are the water filters for the house and an underground storage); and
the level at which the park is located, the biological cleaning (sewage treatment of 9 people) and an underground store of 15 square meters.
Bath/ WC
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from a harbour
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